My general availability is Monday through Thursday 5pm to 7pm and Fridays 5pm to 6pm. I have select Saturday mornings available from 8am to 11am.

Other questions are below.

Which issues do you work with?

  • Anxiety - Feeling dread, worry, and fear, particularly about the future and about what could happen.

  • Anger - Anger itself is not bad, it's how we behave when angry, and managing the sometimes destructive consequences of our anger, is possible.

  • Depression - feeling down, sad, worthless, and unmotivated. These thoughts are common and our work together can help provide some hope, during this dark season.

  • Guilt - mistakes happen and when we feel like we are unforgivable, or that we are no good, talking about these with a trusted person can help. You are not junk.

  • Young adults - Life is becoming complicated with bills and the need to find ways to pay those bills. Life is often easier as a child, and those teen years were pretty tough too. I like supporting those going through life transitions. You got this!

Which Insurances do you accept?

Please visit this link to see which insurance I am able to accept through the Sondermind network. We can discuss details during our consultation meeting. Insurance In-Network List

Session fees

Session fees are $100 per 55-minute session. I can accept credit/debit cards using a service called IvyPay, or through Square